Petrol Snow blower Champion st762e

Petrol Snow blower Champion st762e

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Owners of suburban areas need gardening equipment to care for plants and grounds. Snow removal is a labor-intensive task, so it is difficult to cope with this task without the help of convenient devices. Garden equipment manufacturers offer a variety of snow blower models. The Champion brand is always of high-quality performance, convenience and comfort in use.

Benefits of branded technology

The manufacturer's petrol snow blowers are equipped with intelligent design solutions that allow the use of equipment in harsh winters. Summer residents choose the Champion snow blower due to its advantages and distinctive features:

  1. Reliability and compactness of models of snow blowers, which is very appreciated by owners of suburban areas. Reliability is needed so that the unit can work all winter without breakdowns and perform the required range of work with high quality. And the compactness allows you not to engage in a long search for a storage place for a snow blower in the country.
  2. The gasoline engine makes it possible not to be dependent on the power source. Fuel consumption is very moderate. One filling is enough for an hour of full work.
  3. For the manufacture of augers, high-quality steel was chosen, thanks to which the champion snow blowers do an excellent job of removing not only freshly fallen snow, but also packed snow. A small ice crust on top will also not be an obstacle to work.
  4. Champion models of snow blowers work stable and long at low temperatures.
  5. The presence of high protectors allows the snow blower to pass on roads with any degree of skidding.
  6. Competent calculation of the working width guarantees high-quality snow removal on narrow paths.
  7. Light weight, compactness and maneuverability of the units make Champion snow blowers very popular.

Important! Champion snow blowers are supplied without oil in the crankcase.

Its level must be checked with a special dipstick before each engine start.

A few more nuances when working with the Champion snow thrower:

  1. When filling the fuel tank, make sure there is room from the edge of the throat. This is necessary at the time of thermal expansion of gasoline in the tank.
  2. When changing gears on the gearbox, be sure to release the clutch.
  3. Take measures to prevent water or snow from entering the snow blower fuel tank.

There are a lot of options for buying Champion snow removal equipment. Let's dwell on one self-propelled unit - Champion ST762E.

Description and characteristics of snow blower Champion ST762E

The owners of this model have written very positive reviews about performance and agility. The Champion st762e petrol snow blower is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke engine, which has a long service life.

The toothed auger of the snow blower easily handles stale and compressed snow,
There is a separate lever on the control panel for adjusting the direction and distance of snow throwing.

An electric starter is considered the advantage of the unit. Its presence makes it much easier to start the engine when the temperature drops significantly. Carburetor heating also eliminates work stoppages in severe frost.

The Champion st762e snow blower is equipped with a powerful headlight, which allows you to work even at night.

To continue the description of the advantages of the snow blower unit, mention should be made of its technical characteristics.

  1. The engine power of the snow blower is 6.5 hp and the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  2. The weight of the unit is 82 kg, but the design is very compact and allows you not to allocate much space for storing equipment.
  3. Two-stage snow handling system.
  4. Economical fuel consumption - only 0.9 liters of gasoline is consumed per hour of operation.

Some summer residents are unhappy with the lack of heated handles, which reduces the comfort of working with the machine. But the wheel unlocking device is considered a special advantage. When working with a thick layer of snow, this is an invaluable help. For this technical development, the Champion st762e snow blower is in great demand. To this can be added the machine's high power, agility and productivity. These are the main consumer requests when buying snow removal equipment.

A large number of speeds on the gearbox allows the owner of the unit to choose the necessary stage for work. Even on steep slopes, the machine remains stable thanks to its powerful wheels.

In order not to damage the surface of the tracks on the lower part of the bucket, rubber skids are thought out, and the halogen headlight illuminates the trajectory of movement at night.

The bucket has a working width of 62 cm. This makes it possible to clear a large area in a short time. A special branch pipe is used to provide the function of adjusting the direction of emission

The auger on the machine is notched, this favorably distinguishes the model from the Champion line of snow blowers. You don't have to wait for the stubborn snow to melt, the st762e will handle it just fine.

Important! Turn off the engine before refueling the snow blower. Pour in oil before the first filling.

Fuel and oil are needed only for the four-stroke engine.


Consumer reviews about the Champion st762e snow blower boil down to listing its excellent characteristics and advantages:

Pavel Snegirev, Tomsk

I purchased the Champion st762e snow blower because of the loyal price. I had to take a Chinese-made unit. I don’t regret the choice. It starts up like a clock, even in severe frost. The only drawback that I don't like is that the range setting gets lost on "heavy" snow. The rest of the work is decent, in the spring I also helped out when clearing wet snow.

Vasily Omelchenko, Novosibirsk

I liked the model. Compact, does not take up much space, I store it in the pantry. The oil adjustment sensor helps a lot. I didn't check it once, so the unit itself automatically stopped working. Very comfortably! Excellent start, no need for an electric starter. In cold weather, there are no performance problems, the only drawback is that there is no heated grips. You have to periodically warm your hands in a different way. Also, the belts of the auger and the course often wear out, you have to change.

Sergey Nikodimov, Omsk

I bought a Champion st762e snow blower on the advice of a friend. My site is new, so there is a small problem. When clearing snow, stones and building debris are often encountered, because of this it is necessary to align the auger wing. Otherwise, the operation of the unit is completely satisfactory.

A useful video will tell you about the operation of the unit:

Watch the video: Champion 224cc 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start Overview 100434