Entoloma sepium (light brown): photo and description

Entoloma sepium (light brown): photo and description

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Entoloma sepium belongs to the Entolomaceae family, where there are up to a thousand species. Mushrooms are also known as entoloma light brown, or pale brown, blackthorn, crib, podlivnik, in the scientific literature - rose-leaf.

What does Entoloma sepium look like?

Mushrooms are quite noticeable due to their large size and light color against the background of grass and dead wood. Outwardly, they also stand out with some similarity with russula.

Description of the hat

The pale brown entoloma has large caps from 3 to 10-14 cm. Semi-closed from the beginning of development, the cushion cap gradually becomes wider. When the top increases, it opens, a tubercle remains in the center, the border is wavy, uneven.

Other signs of the hat of Entoloma sepium:

  • the color is gray-brown, brown-yellow, after drying it brightens;
  • the fine-fibrous surface is smooth, silky to the touch;
  • sticky after rain, darker in color;
  • young thorns have white plates, then cream and pinkish-brown;
  • whitish, dense flesh is brittle, flabby with age;
  • the smell of flour is slightly perceptible, the taste is insipid.

Important! Inexperienced mushroom pickers refrain from collecting Entoloma sepium because of the peculiarity of the cap, which often changes color, which can turn into a threat to take a poisonous double.

Leg description

The high leg of Entoloma sepium, up to 3-14 cm, 1-2 cm wide, cylindrical, thicker at the base, can bend, unstable on the litter. Young is filled with pulp, then hollow. Small scales on the longitudinal fibrous surface. The color is grayish cream or white.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Pale brown entoloma is a conditionally edible species. They use mushrooms, boiled for 20 minutes, for frying, pickling, pickling. The broth is drained. It is noted that these mushrooms are tastier than pickled ones.

Where and how it grows

The podlivnik is thermophilic, rarely found in Russia. Distributed in the mountainous areas of Asia: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. It grows on leaf litter, dead wood, in damp areas, under rose-colored fruit: plum, cherry, cherry plum, apricot, hawthorn, blackthorn.

Attention! Mushrooms appear in sparse groups from mid or late April to late June.

Doubles and their differences

Entoloma sepium, depending on the degree of color, is confused:


Entoloma sepium is prized in the area of ​​distribution for its good volume of the fruiting body. But in the literature it is noted that the species can be confused with many unexplored entolomes, which contain toxins. Therefore, it is collected only by experienced mushroom pickers.

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