Cutting roses in summer: important information and other maintenance work

Cutting roses in summer: important information and other maintenance work

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Like so many flowers, roses have to be cut back in summer. It is important e.g. the pruning of faded shoots. But be careful: there are a number of things to consider.

Of course, the rose, also known as the queen of flowers among lovers, does not need care even in summer. You need to pay close attention e.g. donate the pruning of faded shoots of blooming roses. Because this stimulates the plant to produce a beautiful second pile. Accordingly, you can look forward to wonderfully blooming roses twice a year.

However, so that the plant really produces a second pile, further maintenance work has to be done. They help keep the plants healthy in the summer rosary. But what exactly has to be done in summer? We have created a small overview for you.


11 Always cut back blooming roses

With one-time blooming "old roses" you can leave the faded flowers alone, because this is where decorative rose hips develop in autumn. If you don't like the dry inflorescences, you can of course remove them. However, you should definitely use scissors for more blooming roses. But what needs to be considered?

❶ Cut back shoots with single flowers

Prune faded rose petals that stand alone, like in rose plants, at least above the first or second fully developed leaf. Depending on the variety, the fully developed leaves are composed of five to seven leaflets.

➯ There are usually some leaves on the shoot tip below the flower buds that are not fully developed. These often have only three leaflets.

❷ Pruning of roses blooming in umbels

There is a special feature of pruning in small shrub roses or other roses blooming in umbels. First, break out only single, faded flowers. Only when the entire umbel has bloomed do you cut it out completely. Pruning is also done over the first or second fully developed leaf.

❸ The “cosmetic” cut

It is not uncommon for some shoots to grow high. However, you can correct the growth with a deeper cut. If there is a stronger summer pruning, however, the time of the second flowering is postponed further.

➯ Important: if you cut back your rose, always set the scissors slightly obliquely about half a centimeter above the eye (see here).

1. Always cut back blooming roses

22 Arm yourself with secateurs and gloves

Not only should your rose stay healthy, but so should you. Therefore, you should always wear suitable gloves when cutting, because the danger posed by the spines is often underestimated. Prolonged inflammation can quickly develop from injuries.

Her rose, however, likes it particularly hot. The rose shears should therefore be well ground. Only then will the cut be smooth and offer no additional target area for pests. We recommend e.g. also a so-called rose scissors (available here for example). It can be operated with one hand and holds clipped shoots or flowers. How to reduce the risk of injury.

➯ The best way to dispose of the rose pruning is with household waste. This prevents fungal spores and pests that are not immediately visible from infecting the compost with diseases.

2. Arm yourself with secateurs and gloves

33 Remove game shoots

Rather rarely, but from time to time, so-called wild shoots shoot out of the ground near the roots of the roses. You can clearly distinguish these shoots from the usual ones, because the foliage is usually light green and the leaves are smaller and more pinnate. These game shoots sprout from the game bed of the refined roses. The base is the root of a strong and fast growing wild rose. If you don't remove the wild shoot, it will overgrow your rose.

➯ It is best to tear off game shoots at the budding point

The best way to remove the game shoot is to tear it off at its point of emergence (shown here in the picture). Before that, it is advisable to remove the soil until you can see the starting point at the root of the rose.

3. Remove game shoots

44 Loosen the soil well again

At the end of the maintenance work, it is advisable to loosen the soil between the plants regularly. Because through rain, irrigation and also stepping on the surface is compacted and encrusted. Therefore break up the earth floe about 15 centimeters deep with a rose fork. This means that the floor is better ventilated on the one hand, which benefits the air-hungry rose roots. On the other hand, the capillaries in the bottom are interrupted and less water evaporates from the bottom.

➯ Speaking of water:

It is important for roses in the summer that they are adequately hydrated. Younger plants in particular, whose root structure is not yet well developed, must now be watered regularly. The need is around 10 to 15 liters of water per rose.

How often you have to water depends on the nature of the soil. A light (sandy) soil needs to be watered more often in a long dry period than a heavy (loamy). You can find out more about how to properly water roses here.